Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday Market

One of the things I love most about Spring/Summer weekends is the plethora of farmers markets. Lake Oswego has a pretty great one that I usually hit about every other weekend, especially when it's blueberry time! It has a wide variety of produce and other yummy treats and the best part is that they are all produced locally. Fresh really is better. I also enjoy watching all the different types of people and their pets that flood to the markets. Last time I went I snapped a bunch of pictures of all the beautiful flowers, food, and people that I encountered. I like to go to the market early to get the freshest produce, but really any time of the day will yield amazing finds. In addition to the Lake Oswego market, I have been to the Portland Farmers market and the Northeast Portland Farmers market that is held on Sundays. The Northeast market is by far the smallest of the three, but if you live over that way it is worth stopping by, one of the booths has amazing raw honey for sale that works great for granola recipes. The Portland Farmers market is the biggest and has the most variety, but the Lake Oswego market will always have a place in my heart because of my memories of going there with my family. I am hoping to try out the Beaverton market in the next few weekends so I will be sure to give it a thorough review after I finally manage to make it over there!

My FAVORITE snack! Light, cinnamony, Perfect!
From Hoffman Dairy Gardens
This dog was huge, and he was still a puppy!

This booth was new to the market, I sampled their Maple Bacon ice cream, which sounds weird but let me tell you it is soo good! It's a perfect combination of sweet and salty. I am officially hooked!

They don't have a blog... yet... but they are going to be opening a food cart on NE 7th and Burnside. They have a facebook page so look 'em up! I grabbed their flavor descriptions from their page and posted them below. The maple bacon was sublime but their other flavors sound great too, I will definitely be back for more.

Products:Flavors --
Tahitian Vanilla:
We swirl fruity, tropical Tahitian vanilla with a hint of swarthy, smoky Mexican vanilla to create this epic ice cream. This will change the way you think about vanilla.

Maple with Bacon:
Imagine crispy bacon piled high over stacks of maple-drizzled pancakes. Yummy maple ice cream studded with humanely raised, nitrate & hormone free bacon.

Caramelized Apple:
Inside is a pint of award-winning Washington apple cider boiled down into a buttery, bittersweet caramel. The flavor of fresh, tart apples shines brightly.

Stumptown Coffee:
Starring Stumptown's perfectly-balanced organic Latin American and East African coffee. They buy the beans directly from the farmers so everyone gets their fair share.

Slabtown Whiskey:
Just down the street from our kitchen is House Spirits Distillery, Portland's finest purveyors of small-batch libations. Whiskey's fire is quenched by cream & sugar.

Coconut-Lemon-Saffron Sorbet:
An alluring blend of creamy coconut milk and lemon, infused with saffron, cardamom, and star anise. This sorbet is an intoxicating journey down the silk road. A dairy-free delight. (Vegan)

Seriously... hunt them down and try it!

Flowers from Vang's Gardens.

Best butter horns around!

Baked goods from Blue Ribbon Bakery.