Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whisked Away Wednesday

Is it a cookie, a bar, a cake? NO, it's a CHEWIE!!

I have a confession, I am a cookie dough fiend. Don't get me wrong, I love cookies too... but there is something about a spoonful of cookie dou

gh that just is irresistible to me. It takes me right back to my childhood when I would sneakily steal spoonfuls of delicious cookie dough as soon as my mom turned her back. Even today, when I make cookies and help myself to a bit of that yummy dough, I feel a little guilty afterwards... but not guilty enough not to grab another spoonful, of course ☺. That being said, the first time I made this recipe, it did not turn out well. First of all, I kept 'sneaking' little spoonfuls of dough, so when I went to spread it out in the pan there wasn't enough dough left. Then, I left it in for too long and they burned on the bottom. But, instead of getting discouraged and giving up, I whipped up another batch. And let me tell you, I am now OBSESSED with this tasty little cookie bar! I have brought it to countless potlucks and events and it is my most highly rated, raved about recipe! I first tasted Chewies at a friend's super bowl party. I wasn't expecting anything all that special, to me they looked like just another bar cookie, and I wasn't a fan of the name, I mean Chewies? That's kind of a strange name for a baked good... However, being the open minded dessert lover that I am, I managed to force myself to pick one up and pop it in my mouth (haha, right, like anyone has ever had to force me to eat any sugary treat...) Anyways, from that moment on, I was hooked. I knew that this was a recipe I HAD to have. After much cajoling and, I admit it, begging, I got the recipe! It is a super simple recipe with a grand total of six ingredients. The trick is to be sure to pull the bars out of the oven right before you think they look done. I compulsively check them about every six or so minutes because over-baking will make them cakey and dry (believe me, I found that out the hard way). Avoid this and you will have a guaranteed home run, especially when paired with a glass of ice cold milk or a big bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream... YUM!!

Really! These are all the ingredients you're gonna need!

Mix together....

Spread it out, pop in the oven

Remove from oven...



1 box Yellow Cake Mix

½ cup Vegetable Oil

2 Eggs

2 Tblsp Brown Sugar

1 Tblsp Vanilla

6 ounces chocolate chips (Dark or milk, I use whatever I have on hand)

Preheat oven to 325. Mix all ingredients together, spread out into a 9x13 inch pyrex pan and pop into the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Oh, by the way, this recipe is the first recipe in a series I thought I would call, "Whisked Away Wednesday," cause I can't resist a good opportunity to utilize alliteration ;) The plan is to share a new baked recipe with you all every Wednesday. It might not be a dessert, but it will be baked! I am also thinking about doing a series of adventurous/unusual recipes.... hmmm.... so many possibilities... Let me know what you think!


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